KCG Advertorial in CAREERS 360

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KCG Advertorial in CAREERS 360.
CENTRE OF SUCCESS AND EXCELLENCE - An article on KCG College of Technology, published in the May edition of Careers 360 magazine.
 — in Chennai.

I-cell/e-cell/startup activities at KCG College of Technology(Mr. G.Vinoth Kumar, of Integral Solutions, Chennai)

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I-cell/e-cell/startup activities at KCG (Mr. G.Vinoth Kumar, of Integral Solutions, Chennai)

“My research was one of the best decisions of my career”, said Mr. G.Vinoth Kumar, of Integral Solutions, Chennai. When I was a student at KCG,  I had the idea , but I don’t know how to implement it. My vice-principal Dr.Sumathi Poobal, encouraged and guided me in research. When  I was in final year I did my project titled ‘Intelligent lighting system’. It was about saving electricity in street lighting on Highways.
I received good appreciation for my project, and I wanted to develop my project into prototype .  This received a financial support from innovation cell of KCG and guided by Dr.Sumathi Poobal . Then, as an alumni Dr.Sumathi Poobal introduced me to Dr.Namitha Gopal (entrepreneur consultant for KCG during that period) and  she trained me to prepare and present  my business model while I was working with Mr.Rajan to gain knowledge in latest technology.  This experience gave me confidence to start my own business .  My parents were not very confident about my decision. At this juncture Dr.sumathi Poobal stepped in and convinced my parents to allow me to follow my heart.

Dr.Rosy Fernando , entrepreneurship consultant at KCG, encouraged me and built my confidence. She connected me with  Mr. Antony Ivan . He gave a good support for my business model then I tried it in the year (2012-2013) with Eye- Open Technologies . In August 2013  I started my own organization INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS with support of Mr. Antony Ivan. Mr. Madhu Anand, Projects  Manager, KCG ,was pivotal in my progress with HCL CDC . HCL gave me opportunity conduct value added courses –cum- projects at various Engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh . This experience gave me a strong hold in conducting value added technical courses to  more than 50 final year students of various engineering colleges in and around Chennai  during the academic year 2013-2014 .

At present there  are  thirteen employees and six out sourced  resource persons in Integral Solutions.  My turnover for this year is over Rs.40 lakhs for different modules. Now I am having thirteen clients throughout India including HCL CDC . As an alumni  of KCG,  I continue to  get tremendous support from the entrepreneurship cell my college (KCG COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY) and I want to return to my alma matter to conduct value added courses.
Mr.G.Vinoth Kumar
Rajamanickam Enlave,Mezzanine floor,
18 th main road,
ph no:044 42637391
mobile:72999 26313/9952077540

KCG College Of Technology - "12th Graduation Day on 31st May 2014"


KCG College Of Technology - "12th Graduation Day on 31st May 2014"

I-cell and E-cell (M. Tamil Magan' from III year Mechanical Engineering)The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell of KCG College of Technology

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This is 'M. Tamil Magan' from III year Mechanical Engineering . My journey in this institute started in 2011 along by being a part of I-cell and E-cell. My first innovative idea was presented as paper at a national fest conducted by SRM which won 2nd place out of 420 participants.

Being a part of i-cell group, I got  a chance to work with an industrialist (T.Jayaraman founder of SECO INDIA). working with him for past 7 months with my team . We are given  hands-on experience with 2 live industrial projects. One deals with ‘URBAN COOLING SYSTEM’ which works without electricity, and other one is building a ‘ HIGH EFFICIENT LOW COST SOLAR WATER HEATER’. Our dedication in work gave complete satisfaction and confidence to the founder who expressed " You are the best team I ever had". It is actually a pride to hear an industrialist's statement about our work. We have completed the design of these two projects in the process of fabrication. Working on these projects we actually got our basics of engineering very strong.  Moreover, this experience also connected us with lot of industry persons and we gained a lot of experience in working with experts. Working onto industry specifications which gave an insight of the connection between theory and application of engineering.

As a part of academics I am working on a  research project also. It is about synthesizing a MR fluid which is actually a high vibration absorption fluid used in automobile shock absorbers  which will be tested and studied for various parameters of performance and will be published in a journal. With the knowledge gained by the activities of  E-Cell , the nano particles which are synthesized can be taken to the market . I am also a part of a research work in BIO-DIESEL which is synthesized from used cooking oil with new nano size iron particles as catalyst. All my effort/work-done as individual and as a team are recognized only because of my activities through i-Cell. On seeing my progress, my friends from other institutions say  how lucky I am to be a part KCG. 

M. Tamil Magan
Mechanical 6B
KCG College of tehnology

Ph no: 9382595411               

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell (Ms.Kavitha Gopalakrishnan Studying aeronautical engineering in KCG college of technology)

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The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell of KCG College of Technology
I am kavitha Gopalakrishnan Studying aeronautical engineering in KCG 
college of technology.

From childhood I am fond of handmade things. I like to do anything out of waste materials in my home and present it to my friends as gift.

I went for few classes too to learn it more perfect. My sister too joined with me. One fine day ,I got a idea why i shouldn't start a small start up.  
So it made me to start KAVIN ACCESSORIES. My sister also plays a major part in this.

We wanted to do some thing related to eco friendly ,disposable and decomposable products. The art QUILLING came into my mind. Now I am proud to say I am an ENTREPRENEUR.. And my sister too ..

Till now i have sold more than 500 ear rings within 6 months. I have joined in a NATIONAL LEVEL ENTREPRENEUR COMPETITION (TATA FIRST DOT ) conducted by NEN and TATA company.  I am one among top 25 contestants all over INDIA.

I have kept stalls too in our college. We got good profit too..I have a facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/KavinsAccessories and  email id - kavinaccessories@gmail.com

I decided to take workshops too after a month. I would like to teach small children how to make beautiful things from waste materials.. so i am started to work on it ..

Thank you


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell of KCG College of Technology

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B.E MECHANICAL (2010-2014)
Website Link: http://www.diyalabs.com (startup)

Pragadish M.N is a student of KCG College of technology, Chennai. A Mechanical engineer by profession, he has a vast experience of working in design related projects. Having received project funding from Department of science and technology, GoI and The Institution of Engineering and Technology, UK, he works on projects that make a difference to people’s life.  He has participated and won competitions in a lot of competitions with the prominent ones being from IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee, Anna University, Confederation of Indian Industry, Institution of Engineers (India), Solid works and SAE BAJA. Having a patent to his name already, he strives to create technologies that are eco-friendly, cost effective and have a strong social impact.  Having a passion for teaching, he also teaches basics of robotics to poor children free of cost.
About IEDC :
The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell of KCG College of Technology played a very crucial role in nurturing my skills and ideas. As a core team member of E-cell team for 2012, we had a great learning experience organising the NEN E-Week 2012. We got a chance to meet a lot of entrepreneurs and innovators from various walks of life. It really inspired us in a great way. I- Cell also had great mentors like Mr.Dorai Thodla who really encouraged innovations and further gave us a lot of ideas to improve our projects. IEDC coordinator Ms. Sumathi Poobal was a constant source of support and they really pushed us to succeed in our endeavours. Through IEDC, I was able to secure funding for my projects. My pre-final year project – The Regenerative Shock absorber (Patented) was funded by IET and my final year project- Special Purpose Mobility Vehicle was funded by DST , Government of India. The college also supported us extensively by providing us dedicated workshops and 24/7 access to our labs while we were working on our SAE BAJA project, which was an All India competition conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers in association with Mahindra and Mahindra. We were able to compete with the most reputed colleges in India, notably the IIT’s and NIT’s due to the extensive support by our college and we emerged as one of the 14 best designs in the competition.
I believe that KCG College of Technology is one of the few niche engineering colleges in the country which focus on the All-round development of an individual.

Article about us winning the Design Ace 2013 in The Hindu Metro Plus. We were the only team from the city to win a prize in the competition..
The wining teams of the IIT Roorke- Shamsher prakash prize for Creative Design , an All India level design competition. We were the only Non-IIT team to win the competition.
Photo of me teaching basic science and technology to kids at a orphanage.

KCG College

KCG College of Technology was founded in 1998 at Karapakkam, Chennai, to fulfill the vision of our Founder-Chairman, Late Dr KCG Verghese's - "To make Every Man a Success and no Man a Failure".

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