IET Student Chapter Bagged Awards

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The IET student chapter of our college received the following awards from IET Chennai Local Networks in the award ceremony held on 22.3.2015.

1. Iconic Event of the year 2014 - For the event 'Project Challenge 2014".
2. Most Dynamic Chapter 2014 For the vibrant technical activities.
3. Taj-E-IET 2014 - The overall championship award for the commendable contribution to IET.

We bagged all the above awards by competing with 45 student chapters in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Apart from these awards, our students also received following awards for their contribution towards IET and academics.
Chapter focused awards
1. Anand S (CSE) - Leadership award
2. Subarna Panda (CSE) - Leadership award
3. S Divya (EIE) - Regularity award
4. S Sangeetha (CSE) - Regularity award & Academic Performance award
5. Priya Dharshini D A (IT) - Regularity award & Academic Performance award
6. Harish J (CSE) - Promotional award
7. Gopi Krisna (CSE) - Promotional award
8. S Ganesh Kumar (Civil) - Trend setter award
9. Shathi M A (CSE) - Trend setter award
10. B Shamreen Ahamed (CSE) - Trend setter award

Chennai Network focused awards
1. Subarna Panda (CSE) - Promotional Award
2. S Divya (EIE) - Leadership Award


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A breezy calm morning, a decorated college and an atmosphere of excitement was how our symposium Aetheros 2k15, commenced  on 28th February 2015 .While the excitement endured to the end, the tranquillity soon vanished as we raced to the Inaugural ceremony.


The chief guest for the morning was Mr. T. K. Sudaramurhty, Mission Officer of ISRO. The Inauguration was kept short, as the schedule for the day was pretty tight. Our Principal, Mr. T.Rengaraja, was the first speaker and spoke with regards to the Science day celebrated on 27th February. Being concerned about the student’s future, he cautioned us about the ill-effects of science on human evolution, but the chief guest had a different opinion. The chief guest convinced us that while drastic changes do call for caution, it is no reason to abandon science. Both points were noteworthy. It was encouraging when the chief guest told us that huge investments were being made, especially in our country. His words of encouragement almost doubled our zeal before we proceeded to our respective venues.

Nine events were held and over 150 participants turned up. Check out our website for event description. I settled on two events I liked the most to write on.

I walk in search of the next event and pop! A boiled egg lands next to me. It dawns on me that I arrived at my destination. It was fun to watch participants try earnestly not to crack the shell, but more amusing was the sight of the event co-ordinators feasting on the cracked eggs. While most followed the actual procedure, one particular team outsmarted the rest and the event co-ordinators as well. By securing a tiny piece of thermocol to the bottom of the egg, they ensured it a safe landing. The thermocol was provided by us while distributing the materials, but it was not meant to be a part of the final design. Its purpose was only to hold the egg safely while the participants design the rest of the parachute. Unfortunately (fortunate for the team though), there were no rules restricting the use of this unexpected inclusion. The rules only said participants cannot include their own materials. As you can guess, they won the event, while they kept the rules unbroken. I personally feel they deserve it because though they outsmarted us they pointed out the loops holes which have been overlooked. So participants, next time think of other ideas to get an edge over the rest.

The most anticipated event of the day for me and for most participants. I got the following input from one of the co-ordinators:  “The experience at our event “Aircrash Investigation” was overwhelming! It was a whole new experience for us to organise such event for our symposium! We learned a lot of things including “teamwork”. We had an amazing opportunity to interact with the students from other colleges. Such a lovely experience!”

Other events:  paper presentation, cad modelling, pencil play, fold and fly, bottle rocketry, bridge building, and technical quiz

Amidst all the hustle, there were a group of lawyers interacting with students about Legal Rights. Curiosity drove me to them. And for the next one hour, I was glued to them, asking them numerous questions. The lawyers were very cordial and dynamic, and this was the first interaction of this kind we students were exposed to.



One of the lawyers, Ms. Adhilakshmi Logamurthy was the chief guest for the evening. She is the President of the Women Lawyers Association and regularly appears on TV for debates and discussion. She was a very jovial person and made us all laugh really hard with her witty speech. Succeeding her speech she distributed the prizes and thus concluded our symposium.


On my way back home, exhaustion yanked my eyes shut, but images from the symposium continued to run inside my head. The staff and student co-ordinators put up a good show, I thought to myself smiling. But there is always room for improvement. So next year we will come back with better ideas and bigger events.

-Ashita Pravallika P
                                                                             III year, Aeronautical Department
                                                                              KCG Social Media Club

E-Week: We can, We will

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E-Week: We can, We will
India is a young country with nearly 65% of our population below the age of 25. Demographics dividend” is our advantage. It is evident that for the next couple of decades we will have a youthful dynamic & productive workforce when the rest of the world is aging. Every year, people from all over the country come together to celebrate E-week. This happens mostly during the second week of February. It was designed to build public awareness and support for Entrepreneurship .The Campaign is led by the National Entrepreneurship Network and supported by Wadhwani Foundation. This year KCG College of Technology celebrated the E-week in a very special way, so much so KCG E-Cell Team won the Runner Up award competing with 4500 colleges all over India. Volunteers from ECELL were invited to receive the award at Vidyavardhaka – Mysore.

The THEME of E-Week was Creating Job for Millions.

The Team is lead by S.Divya (E&I 3rd yr) and her team members are V.Naveen Manikandan & S.Raghava Raman (E&I 3rd yr), Vishnu Mohan, Vigneshwaran, Sneha Jawahar , Sreeje & Vasavi (ECE 3rd yr).

Media Workshop

I want to write about one of the workshops I attended. On 23-2-2015 the KMC Auditorium was filled with fun, laughter, enthusiasm & young aspiring minds who wanted to become RJ’s & News readers. Ms.Aruna was the resource person, who brought to light the beautiful talents of the students. The Workshop was about “Opportunities in the field of Media”. Ms. Aruna is a vibrant person, a passionate script writer and a freelancer, who conducts several training programs for the students who are interested in the field of Media. She started the Session by highlighting the importance of Radio & News.

      A lot of unknown and valuable information about the Media field was given by her. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing India through radio on every third Sunday. It seems that there are opportunities in the field of Dubbing due to the inadequacy of new voices in the Industry. Fresher’s also have chances of shining in this field. She said something that really moved me (Voice Matters).We can do anything with our voice. She made students do their own show as Radio Jockeys. Around 10 Students came forward and gave their best. The ECELL team seeing their potential and skills plan to create a club. There were few who came up with different concepts. One was an Interview with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell. As the Session came to an end, a Radio Club was formed so that students can make use of their talents and strive hard to develop their skills.
Sonia .A
III rd year ECE
Social Media Club

KCG Student becomes Mr. Techofes’15

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Congratulations to one of our students Manoj Kumar.V [3rd year Mechanical] for clinching the prestigious prize of Mr. Techofes! Techofes is a national level cultural program conducted by the College of Engineering, Guindy. It is a once a year event and has a kaleidoscope of events which test the various skills of students and is renowned for having headlining acts.One headlining event in Techofes is the competition called Mr. and Ms Techofes. Not easy to win this one - there are 10 rounds of competitions which are all tailored to test your creativity and your talents. At the end, the winner is decided by the audience gathered to watch the event. 
The ten grueling rounds started on Feb 12 and continued on till Feb 14 when he was crowned the coveted title. First an introduction about our winner. He is a dedicated NCC Cadet and is considered a funny man by his classmates. He is very friendly and approachable for anything and also has a notorious reputation of mimicking his classmates and teachers with deadly accuracy. He is also a very good dancer and can bust moves like Jagger.He started his climb towards Mr. Techofes on Feb 12 on a stage called the informal stage which consisted of two rounds, the first being a dance round where he had to replicate the moves as they are from a music video played by the organizers and in the next round he had to conduct a version of the famous TV show on Sun Music called “Konjam Nadinga Boss” where he had to call up a volunteer on stage and the volunteer had to repeat the dialogue given by him, verbatim. The next rounds of competitions were held formally and the first competition was a comp called Adapt where he had to sing songs according to the genre called out by the panel. The next one was a comp called Mix Bag where he had to dance to the varying tunes played by the organizers. Moving on to the next event he had to do a movie review of a movie given by the judges.  He also had to sing a song while dancing to a song from the movie. Personally I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this feat; I can only take my hat off to him. The next event was called Channel Surfing where he had to act out programmes from different TV channels called out by the organizers. All these competitions aren't easy mind you; it takes great presence of mind to act according to the channel called out by the organizers.
The finals were conducted by the famous radio RJ Balaji who is renowned for his “kadi” jokes and comical film reviews on Kollywood movies. In the first round of the grand finale he had to perform a special talent of his. Our boy did what he does best “Mimicry” - only to gain fans from the celebs and the audience gathered.
The next round of the finale was a debate with the other contestants on the topic, “Who is sad on valentine’s day- whether is it the boys or the girls?” Our man stuck to his guns and chose to stand for the guys much to the applause of the audience.  His prowess of giving sharp counters and tackling of his opponents left them fumbling for words!!!The next round was one where he had to replicate a dance from a kollywood song chosen by the judges. Our man got the song “What a Karvaad” sung by Dhanush. The rules of the round are to replicate the moves in the song using the least number of takes.Here we see Manoj busting the dance step from the song made famous by Dhanush. I hear from him that, this was one of the easier rounds as the song didn't have many moves and was a relatively easy one to dance and since the original was a huge hit getting the audience support for his version of the moves wasn't very difficult. Seen in the picture standing on the left is the famous RJ Balaji who conducted the final round of the competitionFor the final round of events Manoj was back to one of his favorite skills - “Acting”, where he had to act out a scene from a movie with the least number of takes. This was similar to the one he did earlier on the informal stage except, in this one he was  a participant and had to do a dialogue in the least number of takes. This was of course second nature for him and he executed it with ease which helped him clinch the prize that was awarded to him on the 14th of February by the man who conducted the final round of the competition, RJ Balaji. Manoj credits his success to God and all his close friends and relatives who supported him. I heard that he stayed over in CEG for a night just for this competition which shows his dedication and commitment.So all I can say is Hats Off!! And wish u the best in all the upcoming competitions and Endeavour’s. Make our college proud! All the best on behalf of KCG college of Technology.

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Mark Rohan
III yr Mechanical 
KCG Social Media Club
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