E-Week: We can, We will

Monday 9 March 2015 ·

E-Week: We can, We will
India is a young country with nearly 65% of our population below the age of 25. Demographics dividend” is our advantage. It is evident that for the next couple of decades we will have a youthful dynamic & productive workforce when the rest of the world is aging. Every year, people from all over the country come together to celebrate E-week. This happens mostly during the second week of February. It was designed to build public awareness and support for Entrepreneurship .The Campaign is led by the National Entrepreneurship Network and supported by Wadhwani Foundation. This year KCG College of Technology celebrated the E-week in a very special way, so much so KCG E-Cell Team won the Runner Up award competing with 4500 colleges all over India. Volunteers from ECELL were invited to receive the award at Vidyavardhaka – Mysore.

The THEME of E-Week was Creating Job for Millions.

The Team is lead by S.Divya (E&I 3rd yr) and her team members are V.Naveen Manikandan & S.Raghava Raman (E&I 3rd yr), Vishnu Mohan, Vigneshwaran, Sneha Jawahar , Sreeje & Vasavi (ECE 3rd yr).

Media Workshop

I want to write about one of the workshops I attended. On 23-2-2015 the KMC Auditorium was filled with fun, laughter, enthusiasm & young aspiring minds who wanted to become RJ’s & News readers. Ms.Aruna was the resource person, who brought to light the beautiful talents of the students. The Workshop was about “Opportunities in the field of Media”. Ms. Aruna is a vibrant person, a passionate script writer and a freelancer, who conducts several training programs for the students who are interested in the field of Media. She started the Session by highlighting the importance of Radio & News.

      A lot of unknown and valuable information about the Media field was given by her. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing India through radio on every third Sunday. It seems that there are opportunities in the field of Dubbing due to the inadequacy of new voices in the Industry. Fresher’s also have chances of shining in this field. She said something that really moved me (Voice Matters).We can do anything with our voice. She made students do their own show as Radio Jockeys. Around 10 Students came forward and gave their best. The ECELL team seeing their potential and skills plan to create a club. There were few who came up with different concepts. One was an Interview with Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell. As the Session came to an end, a Radio Club was formed so that students can make use of their talents and strive hard to develop their skills.
Sonia .A
III rd year ECE
Social Media Club


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