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Wednesday 7 December 2011 ·

The National Level Technical Symposium Techzavest-2K11 was organized by Association of Information Technology of KCG College of Technology on 1st October, 2011. Over 300 students from various Engineering Colleges paricipated in the symposium.

The inaugural session was common for IT, and ECE Symposia. Mr. Subbarayan, HOD/ECE , welcomed the delegates from various Engineering colleges and in his address stressed the importance of such technical symposiums which provide a forum for the student community to share knowledge by way of participating in various events organized like technical paper presentation etc.

Dr. Balakrishnan/Dean (Academic and Research) in his presidential address, stressed the audience for active participation in various technical events to sharpen their skill set. He advised the gathering to make the full use the symposium by participating in various events which provides an opportunity to exhibit their talent.

Mr.Vivekananthamoorthy, HOD/IT briefed on various events organized and thanked committee members from students and staff and all student volunteers and sponsors of the events. In the wake global economic crisis, the need of the hour is cost cutting and quality improvements and innovation for better process for products and services. The technical events are organized for promoting student initiatives to come out with solutions for some of the problems faced by the world today.

The day's events resembled a symphony which is a confluence of two symposia "Reverberations-2K11" by ECE Department and "Techzavest-2K11" by IT Department. The major events organized are ,the technical paper presentation, Quiz, Debugging, Short film making, Web Design, Gaming, How the stuff works, Circuit Debugging, Mock Interview, Circuitrix and Robatics.

The highlights of paper presentation event :

Reverberations-2K11: Twelve papers were selected for presentation out of 81 papers received.

Techzavest-2K11: 12 papers were selected for presentation out of around 200 papers received.

The symposium was inagurated by Mr. M.Saravanan,AVP Polaris Software Lab Pvt Ltd.

Mr Saravanan in his inaugural address said that the students that enough opportunities are available for placement in spite of the global economic crisis. He reiterated that only certain companies and segments are affected by economic slow down in the US. He said that this kind of global crisis is a cyclic process and there is a possibility of revival of world economy to the positive side. He said that India is emerging strong in the global scenario.

There was immense response for paper presentation contest, and 12 papers were selected for presentation from around 200 papers received from various engineering colleges. Mr. Senthil Magesh Ganesh/ HOD/ Computer Science and Engineering, Sairam Institute of Technology was the Chairman of the paper presentation session The papers were of high quality with rich technical content and the topics were highly relevant in addressing challenges and problems faced in the software industry today. The papers covered the following major areas : Artificial Intelligence, IDS(Intrusion Detection Systems), RFID, Cloud Computing.

The chief guest released the Souvenir of the symposium and HOD/IT received it. The Souvenir contained messages from Chair Person, Director &CEO, Director/KCG College of Technology, the Principal, and the HOD. The Souvenir highlighted the schedule of various symposium events , abstracts and details of Technical papers presented, and achievements of students and faculties of IT department during the academic year 2010-11.

There was a video presentation highlighting Techzavest 2K11 symposium events using multimedia effects. It was well received by the audience.

The symposium provided opportunity for the students to show their creativity and talent and to work as a team. The symposium came to an end with the valedictory function which was conducted at the Digital Library. Mr. Senthil Magesh/HOD/(CSE) Sairam Institute of Technology - our Invitee , distributed certificates and cash prizes for all winners in various events.

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