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Wednesday 3 July 2013 ·

KCG College of Technology, founded in 1998, has time and again fulfilled the vision of its Founder-Chairman, Late Dr KCG Verghese, which was “To make Every Man a Success and no Man a Failure”. The institution has always kept the interests of its students at large. This has given rise to various initiatives such as i-Cell, e-Cell, Student Support Services and so on.  

The Student Support Services has three key modules in it: Counseling Service, Career Advisory Service and Health. Counseling Service comes to the rescue of those who find it tough to follow their curriculum or face any other problems and approach their counselor. This service assures them of strict secrecy, genuine advice and concrete plan of action. 

The Career Advisory Service cell works in tandem with the students to help them make the right moves post their graduation---be it enrolling for further studies or exploring job opportunities.

The institution makes every effort to help the students keep themselves fit and healthy. The on-campus physician offers medical care round-the-clock for them. That’s not all. Regular health check-ups for the students are also part of the agenda. The college also ensures that it organizes myriad talks on topics relating to medical concern which are of importance to the student community.

i-Cell or the Innovative Cell offers a platform for the students to bring out their innovative ideas. It conducts numerous training programs to help transform the ideas of students and staff into a new process/product. I-Cell guides the innovators to safeguard their ideas through patents. 

The e-Cell or the Entrepreneurship Cell has been initiated to foster a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurship on the campus. Various programs are conducted which witness entrepreneurs from various walks of life come to the campus and share their experiences with the students. KCG College of Technology has numerous tie-ups in the corporate world that sees companies visit the campus not only for recruitments but also to undertake training programs for the students.

With a host of initiatives centered on the students, KCG College of Technology has made a mark in the young minds forever.


KCG College

KCG College of Technology was founded in 1998 at Karapakkam, Chennai, to fulfill the vision of our Founder-Chairman, Late Dr KCG Verghese's - "To make Every Man a Success and no Man a Failure".

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