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Thursday 8 May 2014 ·

This is 'M. Tamil Magan' from III year Mechanical Engineering . My journey in this institute started in 2011 along by being a part of I-cell and E-cell. My first innovative idea was presented as paper at a national fest conducted by SRM which won 2nd place out of 420 participants.

Being a part of i-cell group, I got  a chance to work with an industrialist (T.Jayaraman founder of SECO INDIA). working with him for past 7 months with my team . We are given  hands-on experience with 2 live industrial projects. One deals with ‘URBAN COOLING SYSTEM’ which works without electricity, and other one is building a ‘ HIGH EFFICIENT LOW COST SOLAR WATER HEATER’. Our dedication in work gave complete satisfaction and confidence to the founder who expressed " You are the best team I ever had". It is actually a pride to hear an industrialist's statement about our work. We have completed the design of these two projects in the process of fabrication. Working on these projects we actually got our basics of engineering very strong.  Moreover, this experience also connected us with lot of industry persons and we gained a lot of experience in working with experts. Working onto industry specifications which gave an insight of the connection between theory and application of engineering.

As a part of academics I am working on a  research project also. It is about synthesizing a MR fluid which is actually a high vibration absorption fluid used in automobile shock absorbers  which will be tested and studied for various parameters of performance and will be published in a journal. With the knowledge gained by the activities of  E-Cell , the nano particles which are synthesized can be taken to the market . I am also a part of a research work in BIO-DIESEL which is synthesized from used cooking oil with new nano size iron particles as catalyst. All my effort/work-done as individual and as a team are recognized only because of my activities through i-Cell. On seeing my progress, my friends from other institutions say  how lucky I am to be a part KCG. 

M. Tamil Magan
Mechanical 6B
KCG College of tehnology

Ph no: 9382595411               


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