The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell (Ms.Kavitha Gopalakrishnan Studying aeronautical engineering in KCG college of technology)

Wednesday 7 May 2014 ·

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell of KCG College of Technology
I am kavitha Gopalakrishnan Studying aeronautical engineering in KCG 
college of technology.

From childhood I am fond of handmade things. I like to do anything out of waste materials in my home and present it to my friends as gift.

I went for few classes too to learn it more perfect. My sister too joined with me. One fine day ,I got a idea why i shouldn't start a small start up.  
So it made me to start KAVIN ACCESSORIES. My sister also plays a major part in this.

We wanted to do some thing related to eco friendly ,disposable and decomposable products. The art QUILLING came into my mind. Now I am proud to say I am an ENTREPRENEUR.. And my sister too ..

Till now i have sold more than 500 ear rings within 6 months. I have joined in a NATIONAL LEVEL ENTREPRENEUR COMPETITION (TATA FIRST DOT ) conducted by NEN and TATA company.  I am one among top 25 contestants all over INDIA.

I have kept stalls too in our college. We got good profit too..I have a facebook page- and  email id -

I decided to take workshops too after a month. I would like to teach small children how to make beautiful things from waste materials.. so i am started to work on it ..

Thank you



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