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A breezy calm morning, a decorated college and an atmosphere of excitement was how our symposium Aetheros 2k15, commenced  on 28th February 2015 .While the excitement endured to the end, the tranquillity soon vanished as we raced to the Inaugural ceremony.


The chief guest for the morning was Mr. T. K. Sudaramurhty, Mission Officer of ISRO. The Inauguration was kept short, as the schedule for the day was pretty tight. Our Principal, Mr. T.Rengaraja, was the first speaker and spoke with regards to the Science day celebrated on 27th February. Being concerned about the student’s future, he cautioned us about the ill-effects of science on human evolution, but the chief guest had a different opinion. The chief guest convinced us that while drastic changes do call for caution, it is no reason to abandon science. Both points were noteworthy. It was encouraging when the chief guest told us that huge investments were being made, especially in our country. His words of encouragement almost doubled our zeal before we proceeded to our respective venues.

Nine events were held and over 150 participants turned up. Check out our website for event description. I settled on two events I liked the most to write on.

I walk in search of the next event and pop! A boiled egg lands next to me. It dawns on me that I arrived at my destination. It was fun to watch participants try earnestly not to crack the shell, but more amusing was the sight of the event co-ordinators feasting on the cracked eggs. While most followed the actual procedure, one particular team outsmarted the rest and the event co-ordinators as well. By securing a tiny piece of thermocol to the bottom of the egg, they ensured it a safe landing. The thermocol was provided by us while distributing the materials, but it was not meant to be a part of the final design. Its purpose was only to hold the egg safely while the participants design the rest of the parachute. Unfortunately (fortunate for the team though), there were no rules restricting the use of this unexpected inclusion. The rules only said participants cannot include their own materials. As you can guess, they won the event, while they kept the rules unbroken. I personally feel they deserve it because though they outsmarted us they pointed out the loops holes which have been overlooked. So participants, next time think of other ideas to get an edge over the rest.

The most anticipated event of the day for me and for most participants. I got the following input from one of the co-ordinators:  “The experience at our event “Aircrash Investigation” was overwhelming! It was a whole new experience for us to organise such event for our symposium! We learned a lot of things including “teamwork”. We had an amazing opportunity to interact with the students from other colleges. Such a lovely experience!”

Other events:  paper presentation, cad modelling, pencil play, fold and fly, bottle rocketry, bridge building, and technical quiz

Amidst all the hustle, there were a group of lawyers interacting with students about Legal Rights. Curiosity drove me to them. And for the next one hour, I was glued to them, asking them numerous questions. The lawyers were very cordial and dynamic, and this was the first interaction of this kind we students were exposed to.



One of the lawyers, Ms. Adhilakshmi Logamurthy was the chief guest for the evening. She is the President of the Women Lawyers Association and regularly appears on TV for debates and discussion. She was a very jovial person and made us all laugh really hard with her witty speech. Succeeding her speech she distributed the prizes and thus concluded our symposium.


On my way back home, exhaustion yanked my eyes shut, but images from the symposium continued to run inside my head. The staff and student co-ordinators put up a good show, I thought to myself smiling. But there is always room for improvement. So next year we will come back with better ideas and bigger events.

-Ashita Pravallika P
                                                                             III year, Aeronautical Department
                                                                              KCG Social Media Club


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