Vignesh Ram – My Story

Monday 18 August 2014 ·

I have been a student of KCG College of Technology in the Computer Science and Technology department in the lastfour years. I have learnt a lot in this time. I was a member of the E-cell (cloud10) in all those year and I wasan E-leader in the last two years. We have conducted several speaking and non-speaking events, workshops and more. In our college we conducted the E-week in which we have held youth parliaments, collage (art exhibition) and several marketing events like the walkathon. We also conducted a start-up show case in which all our college start-ups are allowed to show case there product. It helps them to market their product. We also took part in “TATA FIRST DOT” conducted by NEN, in which our students have won various awards. First dot plays a major role in outreach of all start-ups through E-cel. I also had the opportunity to work with two start-ups named Buk-It and Codaxsis. The start-ups are for selling second hand books and selling websites respectively.
We conduct KCG-BAZZAR every year. Initially, we did this during E-week during which time we had 26 stalls. In our KCG-Bazzar we had 34 stalls in the first year and 41 in the second year. We made a net profit of nearly three and half lakhs in first year and more than four lakhs in second year. I managed to supply women’s accessories for stalls in the bazzar.
Personally I have gained many things during this time. In my school days I was a below average student and I was silent and didn’t take part in any activities. KCG College of Technology gave me the opportunity to show my talents and build my self-confidence.


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