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On 15th August, 2014, KCG College of Technology hosted its first alumni meet. To say that the event was a huge success would be an understatement. The alumni from the batch of 2002 to 2014 turned up in large numbers to reminisce and reconnect with past friends.

The event started off with a flag hoisting followed by a department meet. The alumni had the opportunity to talk to the staff and share their fond memories and experiences. The main event of the day however was the inauguration of the alumni association and the launch of the portal. The audience was addressed by the first Principal, Dr K Dharmalingam and first Vice Principal, Dr M R Udupa. They recounted a few of their experiences from when they were still working at KCG and spoke about what it means to be an alumni and the benefits of being a member of such an association.

Following the formal event, the audience was wowed by a number of cultural performances by both present students of the college and the alumni. The performers lit up the stage with music and dance and enthralled the audience who watched captivated. There were also some fun and engaging activities that were conducted to help those present really socialize with their fellow alumni.

The event ended on a high note with people laughing, talking and general having a great time. By the end of the day, a number of pictures were snapped and a number of memories were made.

Activated Bio-Sand Water Filter

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The Activated Bio-Sand (ABS) Water Filter was conceived by Mervyn A Fernando, Gokul Prakash C and Loganathan S of the Civil Engineering department. The lack of clean drinking water was the primary motivation for the ABS filter. This filter runs water through fine sand, coarse sand, gravel chips, gravel and activated charcoal in order to purify it.

The activated charcoal is a material that can effectively remove contaminants in the water. Maintenance is fairly simple as water that has been purified by the sand and gravel will have to pass through the activated charcoal. Activated charcoal can be regenerated by simply heating it to high temperatures while soaked in distilled water. Testing the water has proved that the filter does in fact remove impurities and brings them within the permissible limit.

Webdefy – The Internet is Their Playground


Webdefy was started by a group of friends with varied interests at KCG College of Technology. One of the members of this team is Russel Nickson who graduated from the college in 2012. His interest lay in everything related to the internet. With some help from the college, he realised that he had a real passion for programming with python and in android development. Soon, he found himself participating in hack-fests in his spare time. The second thing that influenced him was the entrepreneurship cell through which he was able to intern with a few companies and learn how things worked. With all the knowledge he had gained, a team of eight was formed and Webdefy was born.
Webdefy is committed to providing its clients with the best possible designs and websites. The company takes pride in being capable of meeting customer requirements and doing so quickly. Their design solutions range from brand identity creation to anything in designing. Their development services range from simple websites to software applications which support business needs.
Today, Webdefy has worked with companies all over the world and has staked its claim in the area of web designing with their out-of-the-box designs. They have proved that they have what it takes to compete in the global arena.

Proving to the World That the Sky is Not the Limit - Nitin MG


Nitin MG studied in KCG College of Technology in the Electronics and Communication department, graduating in 2012. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Power Electronics and Drives. The list of ambitious projects that he has undertaken starts with the NIVIRA which was a Sensor Enabled Automatic Safety Breaking Mechanism. This was presented to a panel and received rave reviews. Along with two of his friends from the Mechanical Department, he began brain storming sessions in his second semester and soon the innovation cell was born. The following year, he received funding from DST (Department of Science and Technology) for a project that aims to improve safety features in vehicles. While a real time implementation was not possible, they were able to create a prototype which was tested and found to be a great success.

Nitin continued this trend into his 3rd year with a DTMF Controlled Remote Car which allows a person to control a robot using a cell phone to perform certain actions. This project was also successfully implemented and tested.
Soon prototypes weren’t good enough and he wanted to take NIVIRA to the next level. But at the same time, he got the opportunity to work as part of a 24 member team that participated in a National Level Competition BAJA organised by SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). The goal was to build a rugged single seat off-road recreational four wheeled vehicle intended for sale to a non-professional. The team was able to obtain the necessary funding and the finished product was finally tested at NATRAX test track at Pithampur. Nitin served as the driver during this test drive. Students of the college were also allowed to test drive the vehicle during the Bazzar.

Currently, Nitin is working on taking entrepreneurship to the next level by allowing students to work as software developers and market their products in a bid to improve the relationship between educational institutions and the industry. Clearly, for Nitin, the sky is not the limit. The college has enabled him to act in accordance with his talents and given him the opportunity to shine.

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